Martin Dubuc

Posted on March 3rd, 2013

University Teacher - Sudbury, ON
Wade Lade Ontario Ranger, 2002
As is the case with most alumni of the Ontario Ranger program, the list of benefits I gained through my Ranger experience seems almost endless. In the myriad of amazing moments from that summer, however, there is one experience that undoubtedly changed my life and the path it would take: My canoe trip. 

Being from Sudbury, I had already done my share of camping trips, but never on the scale that exposed me to such intense weather conditions, and which required such teamwork to achieve success. From that point on, my passion for team sports took a backseat to my newfound love for canoe tripping, and the exposure to nature that comes with it. Since then, I have personally led over 20 canoe trips and took part in an expedition that lasted over 2 weeks up in James Bay. This has allowed me to spark that new found passion for outdoor adventure among many other first time canoe trippers, which remains to this day one of my life’s greatest rewards. 

A thirst for adventure remains unquenched, however, if one does not have the self-confidence to overcome obstacles in order to truly benefit from those experiences. Without a doubt, my Ontario Ranger summer was the greatest turning point in my life in this regard. My experiences with my fellow Rangers gave me the means to stop doubting the worth of my character, and to become the effective leader that I always had the potential to be. It is a gift for which I am forever grateful to the Ontario Ranger Program, and something I strive not to take for granted. 
As a result of this new found confidence, I worked for 9 summers as an Ontario Ranger leader, became a teacher at Laurentian University, and run a program where I lead teams of students into developing countries to share their knowledge of health and improve the quality of life in less fortunate communities. The impact I now try to have on the people I meet around the world is traceable to the influence the Ontario Ranger Program had on me.  With 70 000 Ranger alumni having experienced a summer like mine, it would be a tragic loss to see the untapped potential of Ontario’s youth slip through the Ministry of Natural Resources’ hands now. Let’s fight to keep this program alive!   

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Emily - March 4th, 2013 at 7:42 AM
I love this picture of you in the canoe - looks like a great adventure.

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