Duy Diep

Posted on March 11th, 2013

High School Student - Toronto, ON
Sandbar Ontario Ranger, 2012
After living in Canada for just four years, I never thought that my life would have an amazing adventure experience like being a part of the Ontario Ranger Program. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to be selected as an Ontario Ranger near Ignace, in Northwestern Ontario. This experience has greatly changed my perspective.

Spending the summer in Sandbar with the other twenty-two rangers, five supervisors and two cooks, I slowly came out of my shell as a more independent and confident person, with many new skills. The summer has helped me to feel more ready to face the tougher obstacles life will throw at me. 
One of the most memorable experiences of my Ranger summer was a day where eight of us canoed 66 km in one day. We woke up around 6:00 am, and got on the water around 7:00. Fourteen hours later, we arrived at camp all dirty, sweaty, beaten by bugs, and super tired. I remember that when we were less than 5 km away from our camp, I was very angry and wanted to give up.  Our supervisor told us we had to take the small creek full of beavers dams, and tons of bugs to our camp - instead of portaging on a clean and nice trail that we had just brushed. However, when we got back, I realized I was glad he had made us take the creek route, because I was able to overcome my frustration in the last few hours, and found myself filled with excitement and happiness. I became a more determined person after that 66 km day.
Summer 2012 was a summer of my many firsts. It was my first time living away from my family, first train ride, first canoe trip, and first time seeing northern lights and starry nights. It was a summer of working hard… and most importantly, making friends with many awesome people.
I am very sad and feel sorry that the younger generations might not be able to know the benefits from this program, like I did. Hence, we shall never stop fighting to bring back the Ontario Ranger Program.

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