Jim McHardy

by FORP on April 29th, 2013

Director, Kinark Outdoor Centre
Ontario Ranger Program Partner and Supporter
The Kinark Outdoor Centre has been fortunate to be able to work with the Ontario Ranger Program for over 15 years. Our Centre facilitates therapeutic programs for a range of special needs populations, and each year our facility benefits from stewardship-focused work projects completed by the local Ranger team.

The Kinark Outdoor Centre, a program of Kinark Child and Family Services, is also a provider of change programs for ‘Youth At Risk’. Primary components of these programs are self-awareness, accepting responsibility, social skills and self-discipline. We have watched and implemented a number of program models for over two decades. Although the Ranger program is not specifically designed for this purpose, it presents as one of the best examples of a successful youth leadership and social responsibility intervention. I have always been impressed by the values, work ethic, civic responsibility and commitment of the Rangers who come to our site.

As a social service agency we believe that the Ontario Ranger Program is one of the most effective youth development programs created, and that research, evaluation and anecdotal records support the Ranger Program as a highly effective and supportive government-funded service. Please reconsider the decision to discontinue this excellent program.

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