Pauline Catling

by FORP on May 27th, 2013

Masters Candidate of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba
Esker Lakes Ontario Ranger, 2007
I grew up with a love and appreciation of nature and have never been great at staying in one place. The Ontario Ranger Program was a natural fit for me and as I rode the bus north I could hardly wait. The scenery got more and more wild and the drive was long but beautiful. Meeting everyone for the first time and exploring the camp was thrilling. Over the course of the summer I learned a lot about my fellow rangers and they taught me so much. Everyone had a different skill or interest that they introduced to the others.

Even before the rangers program I knew I was interested in biology, but I had no idea the variety of careers out there and what I could aspire to do with my life. The Ranger Program re-enforced my love of the outdoors and gave me direction.  The canoe trip I went on that summer took me back to somewhere I had visited while learning to walk and I saw a place I only remembered from the stories my parents had told me. 
I have worked across Ontario on various reptile, amphibian and bird monitoring and conservation projects for government and non-governmental organizations. I am currently working on a reptile conservation project in the southwestern region of Ontario Parks. The skills I learned in the Ontario Ranger Program have been extremely useful for jobs that have required canoeing experience and the ability to work as a team and be comfortable in communal living situations.

The Ontario Ranger Program is a one of a kind program that allows students to explore new parts of their province and expand their knowledge. The program is positively influential to young minds and beneficial for their futures. The Ontario Ranger Program is priceless, and is necessary to build the future of this province.

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