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easily Give the MNR feedback

Go to the MNR Contact Us page, scroll down to the bottom for "online feedback", choose "message to the minister" and let them know what you think!  Your message could be something like this:

The Ontario Rangers Program should be restored in time for summer 2014. Let's not have another group of 17 year old Ontarians miss out on the summer opportunity that changed my life for the better.  One of the things that makes the Ontario Rangers Program so valuable is ___________.

Email Your MPP, As Easy As 1,2,3!

To help restore the Ontario Junior Rangers Program it is critical you tell your MPP that you want them to support this reinstatement of the camp-based program in the next provincial budget. It's easy and just takes a minute! Click on the link, fill out the form and it will automatically be sent to the MPP in your riding.

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Our blog is part of our online campaign to raise awareness of the closure of the Ontario Ranger Program and to show why the program should be reinstated. We encourage you to share blog posts, comment, and also to be a part of the blog! If you are interested in contributing, please email us, we'd love to hear your story. Please note that we are looking for alumni as well as partners, supporters, parents or anyone else who would like share one of the many ways this program has a positive impact on the youth of Ontario.

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Talk to your neighbours, friends, community, and coworkers. Find and reconnect with your fellow rangers! Getting the message around and being engaged will help!

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