Please ask the Government of Ontario to reverse its decision to terminate the Ontario Ranger Program by signing the Public Petition to Save the Ontario Ranger Program!
On October 22, 2013, the petition to restore the Ontario Ranger Program, with more than 6500 names, was submitted today at Queen's Park. This was a combination of the original online petition, initiated by Allison Hauser, and the formal paper petition.
MPP Michael Mantha, Durham Councillor, (Father of a Ranger) Jack Ballinger; MPP John Vanthof, and Former Ranger Maureen Ward spoke at the press conference today.

We thank everyone who has helped along the way, and hope you will continue to show your support.

There are currently TWO petitions

Our online petition

Our online petition, the one found here, is directed to the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Natural Resources, showing support for our cause.

Our paper petition

This paper petition is to the Legislation of Ontario. It was presented at Queen's Park on October 22, 2013, requesting the Ontario Ranger Program be reinstated. While we've already presented this petition, we continue to maintain and collect this petition for a record, and for future use.

Why use snail mail you may ask? Well, it's the only officially recognized petition by Queen's Park. And we want every name to count. Please read the important guidelines below.

1. Download the petition: English or French.

2. Print either the English or French version on letter (8.5" x 11") paper.

Please note: If a petition consists of more than one sheet of signatures, the text of the petition must appear at the top of every sheet.

3. Print your name, print your full address (city and province OR province and postal code), and sign (not print) your full name.

4. Get 10 (or more!) friends to sign as well.

5. Mail original hardcopies to:
Friends of the Ontario Ranger Program
c/o Alyson Richards
300 Wellesley St East
Lower Unit
Toronto, ON
M4X 1H1

6. Email your name, province, and number of signatures collected to
Important Guidelines

1. A petition must contain original signatures written directly on the document and not pasted, taped, photocopied or otherwise transferred to it.

2. A petition must contain signatures of residents of Ontario only.

3. There is no minimum age requirement for anyone signing a petition.

4. If a petitioner cannot sign because of illness or a disability, this must be noted on the petition and the note signed by a witness. Aside from this exception, you can only sign for yourself.

5. A petition must be free of any other matter attached or appended, or written or printed, on the petition.
If you have any questions, please email Alyson Richards at or the FORP team at with the subject heading "Petition".