Ranger Swag

RAnger BUFFs

Limited edition Ontario Ranger BUFFs may be available; please contact us!
What's a BUFF?
It is a multifunctional headwear. It can keep you cool or warm, you can wear it in many different ways, for many different activities, it's compact and quick dry.  I wear mine in the winter as a headband or around the neck, for activities as a sweatband, and in the summer on canoe trips for coverage against the sun.

We have ordered High UV Buffs for extra protection from the sun.  
"Our HIGH UV BUFF® tubular headwear is made of stretchy, seamless Coolmax® Extreme fabric. This BUFF® is perfect for every activity under a bright, sunny sky as it offers 95% UV protection, excellent breathability and humidity control. Thanks to its Polygiene® treatment the fabric stays clean and fresh longer." (http://www.buffcanada.com/high-uv-buffreg.html)

What do they look like?
We have a custom design with the Ontario Ranger badge (picture directly to the right).

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