Help FORP collect information about YOUR provincial candidates!

It is our hope that by applying constant but polite pressure on the Provincial government, the Ontario Ranger Program will be reinstated as soon as possible. Your help is needed to achieve this goal.

STEP 1:  Attend your local all-candidate meeting for the upcoming provincial election.

STEP 2:  Ask a question to measure the candidates' support for reinstatement of the Ontario Ranger Program. See box for a suggested question.  If you prefer to formulate your own question, here are some tips:

Be specific.  Don't ask a general question that allows a broad, non-commital answer.  Provide context.  Don't assume that all candidates are aware of the program - use this as an opportunity to enlighten not only the candidates, but also the audience and local media!
Include facts, such as:

  • The program started in 1944: over 78,000 17-year-olds have taken part over 68 years; 
  • The cost in 2012 was only $1.6 million;
  • At the time that the program was cut, it offered summer employment to 278 youth in 13 camps (at it's peak in 1973, the program employed 2000 youth in 52 camps!).
  • Most importantly, the "replacement" (Stewardship Ranger Program) is not new - it has existed since the late 1990's, and as a day-based program it is limited to youth who live near (and have access to daily transport to) the work site.  It does NOT offer the same opportunity for gaining independence, building confidence, promoting teamwork and co-operation, or developing leadership skills.

STEP 3:  Complete this quick online survey so that we can follow up with supportive candidates following the election. 

It would be GREAT if you could bring some information leaflets to hand out to the candidates and any interested members of the audience.  We've found that people are very interested in learning more about the program.  Click here to download and print leaflets.

Suggested Question:
In 2012, with no warning and after almost 70 years of helping Ontario’s youth develop their leadership skills, the Provincial government decided to cancel the Ontario Ranger Program. 17 year old youth from every postal code in the province were eligible for this summer employment, education, and leadership program. Its replacement was the “new” (already existing) stewardship ranger day-based program, which is limited to youth who live near the work site and have transportation available, and also does not offer the same leadership and education training as the overnight Ontario Ranger Program.
Given the severe problems with youth unemployment in the province today, will you commit to supporting the reinstatement of the overnight Ontario Ranger Program when the House next sits?

How do I find my local all-candidates meeting?
- Local candidate headquarters or office
- Your MPP’s constituency office
- Political party websites / riding association offices
- Local media
- Community organizations

Talking to MPPs

Support from ontario's Conservation authorities

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority recently passed a resolution supporting Friends of the Ontario Ranger Program's campaign to restore the ORP.  They also distributed it to ALL Conservation Authorities in Ontario.  Thanks LSRCA!  Find a downloadable copy below to use as a template, or inspiration in writing your own, or to take to your local Conservation Authority.

Talking to Muncipal Council

The municipal council is probably your closest elected official you have access to. The smaller the community the more influence you have as a voter.

Why should your local government support the Save the Rangers campaign?

This campaign is about restoring the Ontario Ranger Program for the next generation of young people and it was accessible to all 17 year old students from Ontario wherever they lived. More than likely there are other former Rangers in the community.

This is a Provincial matter, so what difference does it make taking it to the municipal-level of government?

Municipal governments have political influence on Provincial governments, who doesn’t want people to like them? If more than one municipality is supporting the same campaign it adds weight to the issue.

How do I get my local government to support the campaign?

1.If you know your elected official (s), it would be best to talk with him/her/them about the campaign and what you would like them to do.

2.Call or check online to find out when the council meetings are held, how do submit an application to speak to council and to submit the resolution you want passed.

3.The bigger the delegation you appear with, the more seriously it will be taken, especially as 2014 is the year for the next municipal elections. Most elected officials want to get reelected and will want to help your cause especially when it won’t cost them anything.

4.Write or call the media to let them know you are to appear before council and why, local stories usually get coverage.

5.Tell your story, stay on topic, and thank them for their time.

After you have done all that, don’t forget to share your story and the outcome with the Friends of the Ontario Ranger Program (FORP), we can Tweet, blog about it, and share on Facebook. You will inspire others to follow.

For any campaign materials or an electronic version of the resolution template you require or questions you might have, please email

Send Premier Wynne an Audio Message

Send a voice message to Premier Wynne.
It's easy!

Go to

Login as: rangersspeakout
Password: savetherangers

Record an audio message directly (or upload an existing audio file) letting the Premier know why you think the Ontario Rangers Program should be revived.

•Share your stories of being a Junior Ranger.
•Tell why the "new" 9-5 Ranger Stewardship program is not a suitable replacement for the Junior Rangers Program.
•Say hello in an audio message to your former campers and share it on Facebook.
•Post a song, podcast, youtube link or text message.
•Feel free to get creative! Make as many chirbits as you want!

Then share, share, share on social media. Think of this as an audio tweet (except you can record up to 5 minutes).

We'll also be sharing these messages with MPPs, Premier Wynne, social media and traditional media outlets to spread the word.